Sunday, March 15, 2009

Not as bad as Greedo shooting first

but I was just watching Empire Strikes Back on Spike, and I noticed they changed the voice of Boba Fett, replacing the gravelly, generic "evil" voice from before with a distinctly Maori-accented voice.

George Lucas ret-cons yet again...

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Michael in CO said...

I'm nearly beyond caring anymore, since he's worked for over a decade now to destroy my childhood, but I sometimes feel like beating George Lucas to death with the corpse of Jake Lloyd.
The Boba Fett thing was another instance of him completely screwing over another actor to ret-con in his craptastic prequels. See the end of Return of the Jedi (I know you know this...) where he replaces the phantom Sebastian Shaw (who was clearly in his 60s-70s) with phantom Hayden Christiansen (clearly a whiny 20-something). If nothing else it's terribly disrespectful to the original actors.
Does this fit your original vision now George, because in 1979 there wasn't the technology to import a Maori actor all the way from New Zealand to portray Boba Fett? Was there a dearth of whiny young actors who can't emote so you just had to make do with a senior citizen Englishman until technology improved?
While I'm ranting, what about Luke after the confrontation w/ Vader at the end of Empire? Originally he let go in an act of defiance, content to fall untold miles in silence to his death rather than join the Dark Side. The "improved" version has him SCREAMING like a little girl. Shameful.
But I digress... ;-)