Sunday, March 29, 2009

A double helping of WTF

I remember hearing rumors when I was in Iraq the first time about the water causing rashes and other serious problems for soldiers. It never happened to me or anyone I knew, and I discounted it (after all, how would such things happen, we have water treatment specialists...) Then there were rumors of a "deliberate ignorance" of toxic dust in a KBR facility which soldiers were exposed to. Hey look, the sand in Iraq, (well, dust really) is so fine it can cause all sorts of respiratory damage all on its own, and trust me, it's a bitch, I still have Iraqi dust on clothes from 2004...

Apparently there were some other issues with the subcontracting in 2004, which was killing soldiers rather than just giving them a bad break out. The worst part about this is that it is still going on! (And I was worried about the incoming fire... silly me). Well, that's okay, I say, I can always choose to go to Afghanistan. Oh, wait, they did it there, too.

This truly makes me sick. I say fuck the "you're all heroes" crap, but there's a saying in the Army: "You don't mess with a joe's pay, mail, or food." Anything else is fair game, but I really don't think "let him die in the shower because it's cheaper than actually inspecting the goddamn things" really follows... This wouldn't piss me off so bad, if it weren't for the fact that KBR just sits on multi-billion dollar contracts and says "not our fault."

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