Monday, March 9, 2009

Listening to the Crazies

So, I listen to a lot of Talk Radio.

First - I am sick and sick of the conservative attacks on nationalized health care. Whatever problems there might be with the idea (and I'm sure there are, but I don't pay enough attention to get in to it), I don't think "taking away choices" is really that big of a problem. This is the drum that they beat over and over again (also, I love that the leader of this group was forced to resign over fraud). I hear commercial over commercial talking about how Obama is trying to take away the choices a patient and doctor can make, shadowy government officials will decide what procedures and medications a patient can use.

Sure, because that doesn't happen with health insurance... people besides the patient and doctor making choices about appropriate (affordable) programs of medication. Pre-certifications, pre-existing conditions, denied coverage, sure, that's much better and all about the patient and doctor making the choices.

And, WTF is up with Victoria Jackson? I can't tell if she's really as stupid as her airhead roles, or if her super conservative airhead is just an act...

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