Monday, March 9, 2009

If anyone has heard of this class...

Please let me know, or can get me a syllabus, or anything.

This is from a Guardian UK blog, and it just seems... neat:


06 Mar 09, 3:49pm

I missed the lecture in International Political Economy which was entirely (I kid you not, entirely) about the Wizard of Oz. I was pretty annoyed. There's not just the yellow brick road/gold standard thing in there, there's also (I think. Working off someone else's notes) the Wicked Witch of the West being expansionary western states, and the tin man is representative of industry, and the scarecrow being representative of the agricultural sector... it's kind of brilliant, and I actually want to watch the wizard of oz for the first time ever.

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Momagain said...

you had to go back a bit farther into the article above for the link to a very, very old article in the Journal of Political Economy:

If Hugh Rockoff is still around, perhaps he had a class going as well.