Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Why the TV execs are against the troops

So, a thought just struck me. I am about to come home for a brief break before heading back to work here, and there's one thing I miss almost as much as McDonalds food - television. Specifically, I really miss watching the Daily Show and Colbert Report at night to get my daily intake of news and insanity. And I just realized - that's not going to happen. Because of this stupid writers' strike, there will be no John Stewart pointing out the random insanity of our country's political leaders. There will be no Stephen Colbert mocking the hypocritical blindness of pundits and talking heads. Now - let me clearly state: I am totally for the writers on this one. Don't anyone (and I'm talking about you, Ann) take my words out of context and manipulate this into how the writers are against the troops. The execs, desperately holding on to their profits at the expense of the actual creative talent (IMO), have created this situation. So - I state this clearly - the television execs are against the troops. Because trust me, after the football season ends, returning soldiers want to sit down in front of the TV and veg out like every other American, and escape. And definitely not into reality TV - there is way too much REALITY over here to get any sense of happiness from watching a bunch of spoiled brats locked into a house fight over some prize/woman/man/(whatever you get out of Real World). So I call on the studio execs to step up, show their national pride, show their support for the troops, and give the writers a little piece of the internet pie.