Thursday, April 16, 2009


So, yeah. Here's the funny part. I was listening to the conservative nutjobs today, and caller after caller is complaining about the lack of coverage of the tea parties. One woman called in, said that she was at work yesterday, told her coworkers she was going to the tea party down in DC, and then was amazed that no one else at her work knew what she was talking about. A quick (CRAZY) step from there to "it's all the left-wing media. They're not covering this..." Well, yeah. I thought it was grassroots. Grassroots means that it DOESN'T get the media coverage, it means that it goes by word of mouth, people calling/emailing/texting each other. I really don't care if Fox News sponsored the tea parties. My other favorite call was the woman who thought that ACORN was going to be out at the tea parties "intimidating" the protesters.

Oh yeah, because the Left is now using fascism and strong arm tactics to attack their political opponents.

Monday, April 6, 2009


So, as I mentioned before, I completed my dissertation defense. Well, after the defense comes the revisions (apparently pretty much a standard). So I have a little less than a week to complete my revisions and get everything submitted before the graduation deadline for Spring. So I plug away, and the day after my defense I go down to the Graduate Office to make certain I have everything I need, all forms filled out, i's crossed, t's dotted, etc. So Miss B. not a single congrats, good job, nothing. Whatever, we've never really gotten along, for no reason I've ever been able to figure out. (I have my suspicions, but six years is a LONG time to hold a grudge over something so small).

So anyways, the point of this particular is this response I got from her, after finally submitting my dissertation to UMI: "Congratulations. Your submission has cleared all of the necessary University checks and will soon be delivered to ProQuest/UMI for publishing." So apparently, I don't get a congratulations for eight years of classwork and independent research complicated by two deployments to Iraq, 500 pages of dissertation, and successfully defending my work to my peers. However, she is VERY proud of me for having taken that work and converted it from Word to PDF.

I guess I know what's important to small minded bureaucrats, ey?