Monday, May 5, 2008

Christian Punk'D?!?!?!?

So, I'm reading this Slate article about Christian something or other (rock, etc.) And they mention that there's a Chrsitian version of Punk'd - with the following example:

"In one episode of Prank 3:16, the pranksters fake the Rapture and throw their victim into a panic because she's afraid she's been left behind."

Guess she should read more Tim Lahaye...

And unfortunately, her insight about Christian rock in this context is hardly new and enlightening, even in Slate. Take this description: "You shoehorn a message that's essentially about obeying authority into a genre that's rebellious and nihilistic, and the result can be ugly, fake, or just limp" and then compare Rob Long's discussion of Christian rock and why it is creepy: "rock music—and most other forms of entertainment, when you really think about it—is fundamentally about carnal desire. And Jesus, when you really think about it, is fundamentally not."

Pretty much the same stuff. Rock music is sex, drugs, and rock and roll. (Hurm, that's a bit redundant, I guess). Christian rock is no-sex-before-marriage, body-is-a-temple, and well, I guess rock and roll?

So, maybe what the Christian rockers need to do is rather than steal from regular rock, look a bit more underground... is there Christian punk? Cause they could totally steal from these guys

Friday, May 2, 2008

John Boyd on Numb3rs!

As I've said a number of times, I am a big fan of John Boyd. Well, I missed last week's episode of Numb3rs, and I just got around to watching it On Demand. Anyways, Charlie hands a pamphlet to Colby, who looks at it and says "OODA Loop?" And Charlie says "It was actually invented by a fighter pilot who used it for air combat." Now Colby responds "My specialty was ground combat." Like that explains why the supposed former Marine officer in Afghanistan engaged in special operations wouldn't have heard of the OODA Loop. And, unfortunately, they don't even mention Boyd's name...

Oh well, at least the OODA Loop got some mention - although again, I wish they would pay attention to the ODA vs OODA loop. I mean, who really needs the second O, in a theory which attempts to speed up the reaction time of a warfighter?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I went to a show and saw Matt Lesko

Oh yeah, and Eddie Izzard was there. He was very funny (as expected), and I think he was wearing lipstick. I know what you're thinking - he's Eddie Izzard, why wouldn't he be wearing lipstick? He's a transvestite! (Actually, he's a transvestite executif). Well, the thing is, this tour he's just wearing normal clothes. Well, normal if you count jeans, a black t-shirt, and tails with red velvet lining normal. For the record, when he came out, my friend Dan leaned over to me and says "He's got your sense of fashion." So, yes, to me that would be a normal outfit. Sans lipstick.

And, I have a question... who spends at least $50 to see a show and doesn't even know what the show is? And I mean, literally DOES NOT KNOW. The people sitting behind us, in between chatting about housing repairs they were doing on their respective homes, turn to someone sitting beside them and say "so who is this guy anyway?" And the response "He's a comedian" seems to totally satisfy them. WTF??? Can you get season tickets to DAR Hall or something? Who would do something like that?

Only one Riches joke, but lots of jokes about God. And dinosaurs going to church. And wikipedia. And apparently Eddie Izzard is a Mac user...

But, really, more important than Mr. Izzard (write FX, make certain his show gets picked up for Season 3!), is the fact that Matthew Lesko was there. And if you think jeans and tails is off, you shoulda seen his outfit. It was actually a very respectable greyish-blue wool suit, with bright silver question marks. Kinda made my night.