Thursday, March 26, 2009


So, there's always revisions, but nothing major.

If there are any other doctors in the audience... while I was waiting to be called back into the room, I heard a conversation along the lines of "well, should we just tell him he's not going to get his Ph.D.?" Needless to say I got a little freaked out. When I was told I passed, my first thought was that they were talking about a different student (one had been mentioned earlier in the defense). My friend thinks they were deliberately fucking with me. Anyone else had this experience?

Oh... and what do I do now? This has been my life for nine years (with a couple trips to Iraq interspersed in between), I'm kind of at a loss.


Momagain said...

Chronicle of Higher Ed...

I'm really proud of you. Congratulations!

Michael in CO said...

Omedeto! Congratulations!

DragonLady74 said...

I'd be tempted to believe they were messing with you, unless you've somehow gotten less irritating as you've gotten older.