Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wordless lyrics

I know, it's an oxymoron. But I really think the use of wordless humming and nonsense words is underappreciated in music. Like one of my favorite songs is "The Walls Came Down" by The Call, and the whole like last minute of the song is "lala la la la lala". Or the final five minutes of "Don't You Forget About Me."

In other news, I'm amazed by how limited soldiers think they're options are. I overheard a guy talking about reenlisting so he could afford to open up a body shop back home (cars, not cosmetics). It's not the ambition which I think is limited. I personally have very simple dreams that involve getting a job, getting married, settling down. That's pretty much it. I like doing good things, and important things, and I think I am doing them now, but I kinda fell into that in my pursuit of a comfortable career. But what upset me about his soldier's statement was that he didn't seem to see any options to make money besides re-enlisting. (His other option was re-enlisting for Special Forces...) There are hundreds of well paying jobs in the States, not to mention well-paying jobs overseas, which pay far above anything a soldier makes, sometimes more in a month than an E4 makes in a year, and you don't have to be necessarily skilled, either. KBR, all the life support companies here, are always hiring people who are willing to come to Iraq and work for a year. Its just a shame that this was this one soldier's option...

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Abster said...

I love "Don't You Forget about Me..." Great song! 80's new wave all the way. Don't forget all of Michael Stipe's little cute noises! Aw!