Thursday, February 14, 2008


So, finally, I am able to put up some pictures.

First is Camp Striker (aka the Worst Place on Earth)

And me at Camp Striker. You can see in the picture how happy I am to be there:

Finally a side by side comparison of my shoes and pants at Camp Striker, and then a picture of my new shoes and clean pants here at the FOB:

This is something I just thought was funny. We have lots of TCNs in Iraq. (What's a TCN you ask? We don't really know, but they do seem to get killed a lot more than other acronyms...). I think this says something like "My barbecue stay the fuck away!" in Hindi.

Last, even the firefighters have to keep a sense of humor here to stay sane:

I'm afraid its a pretty small place, so there's not much else to take pictures of. If something comes up, I'll be sure to get pictures later.

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