Sunday, February 24, 2008

Small pox vaccine

SO, I'm on week 6, and my small pox vaccine has still not healed all the way. According to all the literature, it's supposed to be a 4-week process. And they only give you enough band-aids for the four weeks. So, I ran out of band-aids and had to buy some from the PX. No big deal, I was actually so happy they HAD band-aids that I didn't have time to be upset that again the Army is forcing me to buy something which is required by them.

But in addition to the moderate frustration of waiting for the stupid smallpox scab to heal up, I have also had a band-aid on the same place on my shoulder for six weeks. Not a big deal, right? Except now I have a pretty bad rash in two small squares on either side of my small pox scab. And it itches. A lot.

I hear it can take up to two and a half months for the scab to actually heal. Joy.

At least I'm ready for the 2012 event...

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