Thursday, February 28, 2008


Well, having now been flagged by an abundance of PSD weapons, I can say that I have a personal reason to dislike them. Apparently they just leave their magazines in the well no matter where they are. I hope to god they're not locked and loaded, too. So I walk in and out of the TOC, and they have their rifles up on the counter, magazine in the well, barrel pointing at the door. Joy. So I get flagged by them every time I walk in and out. Now - I've been shot at in the past, I've even had a couple of ADs in my general vicinity from local nationals (sorry - we changed that, now it's "freedom fries" - err, Iraqis). It is still VERY disconcerting to have the barrel of a weapon pointed at your stomach.

Where's the quiet professionalism here, people? Who are these companies hiring these days? It's like they all watched that scene in Black Hawk Down where the Delta operator holds up his finger and says "this is my safety," and masturbated to it.

As I see it there are two separate issues here:

1) having a magazine in the well - all right, maybe this is their SOP. "We have to always be ready, train how you fight" kind of crap. I can accept that. I still think its kinda dumb, but if that's their rules, fine.

2) lack of proper muzzle discipline - this is the more serious problem to me. You want a magazine in your weapon, fine. But please, God, don't leave it somewhere where its pointed at me. That's just unprofessional.

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