Thursday, January 24, 2008

the new laundry bag

So, day 2 I lost my watch cap somewhere. I think I took it off when I was sitting down here at the computer and I forgot it when I walked out. So - I;ve been to three PXs here and none of them have watch caps. Like, WTF? Its winter, did no one at AAFES anticipate a run on cold weather gear??? Maybe we should stock a few more of the watch caps and a few less of the (I kid you not) Childrens Miniature Serving Table... what kind of messed up priorities does the AAFES management have when it fails to order basic necessities for soldiers, but makes certain to get three boxes of kids toys... and not fun kids toys, this is like a little tea set and table for six year olds to play tea party with...? I am constantly perplexed.

Hopefully I'll get out of here tomorrow - scratch that - I will be out of here tomorrow. I don't know where I'll end up going, but I can't handle this place for another 48 hour stay.

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