Sunday, January 27, 2008


Well, I'm here safe and sound. Much refreshed after two showers, a shave, and some decent food.

I have a room with four walls (cement), and I can walk to the shower wearing shower shoes, which is a wonderful experience. Getting settled in right now, and I saw some whoppers for the title of this blog, I'll try and finagle some pictures to upload of some of the titles (various Trigoly's are available). Some are more subtle, but I'll point out the silliness for those who don't know the shows.

There are still mud puddles galore, here. I spent the morning running errands (getting some cash and buying some necessities for my room), and I already have mud up to my knees on my pants. Oh well. It started drying up by noon or so. Although I did have to wade through an ankle deep puddle of mud to get to work. Joy. Looks like pudding.

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Karin said...

more shower shoes! roll up your pants and enjoy the mud. or maybe knee high boots - didn't they issue something like that when you carried a gun before?