Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Contract Two

Well, I'm here in Kansas - its a very interesting place. First of all, its very depressing that Kansas City, MO has a better alternative station than Washington, DC. Like, seriously - a population of about one tenth of Washington DC, and in the middle of the frickin midwest, and it has an actual, honest to god, GOOD alternative station. You turn on the radio, and they're playing Toadies (that's NOT possum kingdom) Cure, Modest Mouse, and even some stuff I've never heard before! Whassup with that?

Army bureaucracy is just silly. Especially when combined with corporation bureaucracy - you get the worst of both worlds. Bleh. Not much more to say there.

Don't stay at the Howard Johnson near the airport. The employees are the nicest people in the world, and I REALLY want to recommend the hotel, but the hotel itself was a dump. Like, cigarette butts in the hallway kind of dump. At one point, I was the only person on the entire second floor. I think they had five people staying there. The pool was closed, apparently has been for six months or so, there was a distinct lack of hot water, and I worried about sleeping in the bed. I had scabies once, I really don't want to get it again.

I actually moved to the Sheraton on my own dime just so I could get a good night's sleep and a good shower in the morning. Felt much better. Too bad their pool was closed, too. But Country Club Plaza is very pretty, they have all the christmas lights and stuff out all year round, a bunch of decent shops, stuff like that. Had Irish stew (still don't like it) at a little Irish pub. My favorite moment there was when I asked the bartender if there was a smoking section, and she goes "the whole place is smoking!" Awesome.

Small planes suck. But if you have a choice, go for the ones that are so small they have four seats across instead of five. You get five across, that "three" side is really aggravating. Its like all the hassle of a cross-country flight without any of the benefits.

Going to CRC next week - that will be interesting, I'll deal with it next time.

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