Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why Iraqi Bootleg you ask?

Well, it all starts back in 2004, the first time I was here. This was back when bootlegs were everywhere, sold in markets, on FOBs, and by little kids who zoomed around the Green Zone, before it changed its name to GSAVE, oh wait, sorry I mean International Zone, on mopeds offering regular bootlegs and flicky flicky to any soldiers who might be walking around. Hooray for capitalism.

But back to my story, some of these bootlegs were good, some were bad, if you were lucky you got one that was stolen from a master (usually French for some reason - my copy of Dodgeball says the four D's are detour, deplace, depose, detour). However, what I found very interesting was the fact that whoever mocked up the "cases" for these DVDs had obviously never spoken English, and they just sort of cut and pasted things from the web that seemed to fit. I started collecting them, especially the ones with particularly funny blurbs. The Holy Grail of this quest, which I only saw once, failed to buy, and regretted it ever since, was a copy of Passion of the Christ, which was described by one critic (apparently) as "Absolutely Hilarious!"

So, at some point while here, I am going to start collecting images of some of the funnier bootlegs that come across my path. One for instance, was the complete seasons one through seven of Star Trek: The Next Genrelation.

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naima said...

so I know your busy doging bullets and all but I am bored so you need to blog ore often so I am less bored.
Remind me to tell you all about Mars in retrograde next time we talk.