Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Some things never change

So everyone loses socks. You lose them somewhere, whether its in the laundry, before the laundry, walking back from the laundry room, something. I, personally, have a serious problem with this. What's interesting to me is that I lose socks in exactly even numbers. So, for example, I currently own four different types of socks, each very distinguishable. In the picture below, I will call them, from left to right: regular, reinforced, red mark, and new balance.

Now - why the picture you ask? Because, and I swear this is true, I have somehow managed to lose one, and exactly one, of each of these four types of socks. The picture here is one I took after getting my laundry back from the KBR facility and sorting out my socks. How is it, I ask myself, that I have the unique ability to lose one of EACH pair of socks, and somehow still have the same number of sock types that I'm supposed to? I mean, if the guys at KBR really want to steal my socks, don't you think they could at least have the decency to steal a matched set so I don't notice? And frankly, so I don't walk around feeling lopsided because my left sock is significantly thicker than my right???

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