Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rush Limbaugh is insane

So, I usually get offended/angry/frustrated with the random nutjob things that come out of Rush/Hannity/Levine's mouths during their harangues on the radio. I'm a liberal, they say things that are just wrong, and I get upset. Sometimes I worry about my blood pressure. But Rush's particular windbag conspiracy nut ego has recently taken a huge leap off the abyss.

First, just before the election, he claimed that even though the FBI was looking into ACORN fraud allegations, they "wouldn't find anything" because the FBI, like other government institutions, is populated by liberals who would cover up any findings they might have made.

Okay - whacko.

Second, yesterday he starts talking about Schumer causing a run on a California bank in June, and postulates that it was a big conspiracy by the Democrats to inject the bad economy into the political race, and the reason it has gotten so bad now is because it got out of hand. Really whacko.

So then, today, he's just off the map. I invented a Lucidity Scale for an ex-girlfriend a few years back, and at the moment Rush is at the Zero mark, possibly even lower. Apparently the water main break in DC this morning (which was horrendous), is some kind of vague liberal conspiracy in preparation for Obama's stated push to rebuild the American infrastructure.

Oh - and apparently I'm left handed because I was poorly potty trained. So, thanks for that, mom, I guess. ;)


Momagain said...

Rush Limbaugh IS insane and you were the easiest of all 4!

Metallibrarian said...

I haven't thought about the Lucidity Scale in, oh, 16 years. That was awesome!
Rush gets extra credit for scoring so low despite the fact that he isn't known by four or five different names to different groups of people... :-)