Friday, December 5, 2008

Google Analytics

So, since blogger is a google subsidiary, I set up google analytics a few weeks ag ot otrack hits on my blog, mainly just to see how many readers I actually had. Apparently the number is 43.

I would be proud of that, except that the average time on site is less than 10 seconds, so a lot of that 43 is people doing a search, clicking on my blog, and realizing it's not what they were looking for. Apparently Google thinks that my blog is the third most likely site that someone is looking for when they search for hot marine chicks.

The other interesting thing analytics can do is tell you where your viewers are coming from. Apparently I have a pretty loyal following in Colorado, California, and New York. I have a decent guess which of my friends are coming from there. But there's one that flummoxes me: Hoboken, NJ.

So, if you're my Hoboken reader and would like to identify yourself to me, please feel free to drop me an email, 'cause I'm dying to know.

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