Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So I went to my first MMA class last night. (The one good thing about VBC is that they have a lot of free classes available, not just gym classes, but Arabic classes and UMUC courses, too).

Ouch. I actually have to work to find a position I can carry my backpack in so it doesn't hurt my shoulder where it's rubbed raw. And now I know why all MMA fighters have those thick bull necks - everything is sore, but I can barely move my head today, my neck is so sore.

It was fun though, hopefully I'll keep getting my ass in gear and go a few times a week. I probably burned a thousand calories last night.


Momagain said...


http://brain.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/content/full/awn347v1 (you'll have to click through to the pdf)

and since you like wikipedia:

Sorry, mothers are like that...

Iraqi Bootleg said...

Most of the problems with sport concussions happen because of the overdependence on protective gear, ironically enough. Elliot Gorn, a historian at University of Miami I think, showed how bare knuckle boxing was actually less dangerous than modern boxing with gloves, because knockouts happened faster, so there was less repeated shaking of the head leading to concussive injuries. Same with rugby compared to football, where despite the lack of protective gear rugby players have less incidences of long-term injuries than football players do.

Momagain said...

A historian?? Find me a medical expert to prove your thesis.