Tuesday, December 22, 2009


So, I'm watching an old TV4 version of Macbeth. No one of real interest in it, except for Lorcan Cranitch, who plays Macduff - which is hardly surprising since he pretty much always plays the proficient, if annoying, cop...

But it occurred to me that the play hinges on Macbeth being upset that Banquo's children will become king and not his own. On the face of it, this sounds legitimate, but it occurred to me that Macbeth is almost always played by someone in his mid-40's or so, with Lady Macbeth about the same age, and I've never seen any mention made of him having any children of his own, anyways.

Am I missing some essential Chekhov-ian line in the beginning about his children? Or is this just something that most people overlook?

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Momagain said...


See above link for interesting discussion mentioning the reason for the Macbeths lack of children. I'm not sure that the play revolves around the threat of Banquo's children, rather the Macbeths (especially Ms. Macbeth) fear that his children would ascend. Their own lack of heirs was of secondary import, if at all.