Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The hillbillies next door

So, we have new neighbors, who my team leader affectionately calls "the hillbillies."

Seeing as how I have seen like three white people (not counting us) around here, I don't know if the term hillbillies can properly apply to a bunch of TCNs, but it does seem to match their approach to life.

First, they are bad neighbors. There has apparently been some land dispute over who gets how much space on the compound. The new people (the hillbillies) have decided to claim their space via the simple means of marking it out with trailers. Not that big of a deal except going to bed one night, my car was parked like this:

And when I woke up, it was parked like this:

Nice of them to tell us so we could move our cars beforehand... luckily, they left us an exit, about a hundred feet down the row.

Moving on, here is a comparison of how our people place their trailers:

And how the hillbillies do it:

To the uneducated eye, it might appear roughly the same. However, notice how on our trailers, the trailer itself is supported by a nice big solid piece of concrete:

And how on theirs, the trailer is supported by, well, what is most likely a piece of aluminum:

Notice here what happens when the cheap metal has some extra weight on it:

I know it doesn't look like much, but for anyone who has tried to move a desk or table single-handed, and turned it just a little too far, that bit of torque is all it takes to cause a collapse...


Momagain said...

Your car???!!! What do you need a car for???

Iraqi Bootleg said...
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Iraqi Bootleg said...

Sometimes we like to head out into the city and catch a show, hang out at a bar, that sort of thing.