Saturday, May 16, 2009

News Trolling

First, like a scene out of a movie:

By ANDREW DRAKE and FISNIK ABRASHI, Associated Press Writers Andrew Drake And Fisnik Abrashi, Associated Press Writers – Sat May 16, 3:23 pm ET

ALIABAD, Afghanistan – The bearded Afghan army officer dropped off bundles of pens and notebooks at the school and asked one boy which he preferred: The Americans or the Taliban?

"I don't know," the boy replied. But after a short silence other children in the classroom answered for him: "The Taliban."

Within minutes the discussion was punctuated by an insurgent ambush and the joint U.S.-Afghan patrol became pinned down in this area with forested mountains, caves and ravines that American soldiers call "the Valley of Death."

Seriously, are we that bad off in Afghanistan that the Taliban can stage an attack using schoolchildren???

Second, because it's funny. Apparently gay marriage is bad because it's more expensive. I mean, I'll accept the strategic brilliance of it, recasting the notion of gay marriage into an economic one. It's kind of like the F22 Strike Fighter, an amalgam of irrelevant electronics, being recast as a jobs program for the strapped economy, but ... really? Doesn't the argument that it will adversely affect small businesses actually add to the legitimacy of gay marriage in the first place? "We just can't afford it right now" doesn't exactly carry the same moral weight as "it's banned in the Bible and an abomination." Oh wait, that's shellfish, err... I mean cotton/polyester blend.

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