Tuesday, March 4, 2008

RIP Gary Gygax

Well, the passing of a legend occurred yesterday.


I admit it, I am a geek, and in high school I played what was, in the words of a different obituary "the ultimate geek pastime." I make no bones about it. I watch Battlestar Galactica, I loved Farscape and Babylon 5. Never really got into Star Trek, was more of a Star Wars guy, and frankly, if it hadn't have been for D&D, none of those would have been possible (well, except Star Trek, but really: Who would win in a battle an Imperial Star Destroyer or the starship Enterprise? Silly, everyone knows Imperial Star Destroyers aren't real). And frankly, I don't know if Sharper Image would have existed without D&D (my theory: D&D in the seventies, leads to a bunch of computer geeks in the eighties, leads to the internet boom in the nineties, leads to huge amount of disposable income from people who like the stupid crap that Sharper Image sells - err, sold).

Yeah, Sharper Image is declaring bankruptcy, and no longer accepting gift cards. I hate gift cards - what a huge scam. I'm going to lend money to a corporation, and then I will pay them interest for the privilege of lending them money... and if they have economic problems, this counts as a debt that they have to me, and it gets wiped clean in the bankruptcy proceedings. Now that's the American Way.

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