Sunday, March 16, 2008

Catcher in the Rye

Yeah, didn't like it. I read a bunch of critiques of it online in the midst of reading, and I have to say that anyone who says that Holden is "perceptive" because of his ability to see through people just totally doesn't understand science. Holden thinks everyone is an asshole and a phony. Now, maybe there are characters in the book who are either/or. That doesn't make him perceptive. Just because he can spot the ten assholes in a group of twenty doesn't say anything, its the equivalent of astrology, faith healing, or Airborne. You focus on the correct things and ignore the incorrect.

I just thought he was someone with serious emotional issues. This is not about adolescence, this is about a child who desperately needs help.

It kind of reminds me of the whole Eliot Spitzer thing, actually. Well, in a completely-not-connected tangential kind of way. Except for the fact that Holden and Ms. Dupre both have serious issues. I find it very amusing that the NY Times took most of their article off of her Myspace bio... I am glad that other news agencies are trying to track down a little more information before ascribing to this girl any number of "rags to riches" motifs. Turns out, normal childhood, grew up in a big house in a nice town. It reminds me of a friend of mine from a few years ago who claimed to have been "thrown out" of her parents' house when she was 16. Although I didn't know the situation, I was fairly certain that "thrown out" in this context was remarkably similar to the scene in Parenthood where Martha Plimpton walks out of the house while Dianne Wiest says "if you leave this house don't even think about coming back young lady!" and then after fifteen seconds running out after her daughter and saying "if you ever need someone I'm here for you!" Maybe there were some issues in Ms. Dupre's life, but I think she's in it for the publicity...

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Abster said...

Holden Caufield is a classic character and one (I think) best related to during adolescence...a time of emotional fragility. Emotional issues? For sure.