Thursday, September 27, 2007

So, apparently you suffer the heat and sun of August so you can get to September. Well - the end of September. In the past couple days it has been absoutely gorgeous. You wake up around 5 (I wake up around 5, sometimes earlier), and its around 70 degrees, with a light breeze. And basically, from 7 until about 11, the mornings are calm and quiet, and the sun isn't too hot, and it's simply wonderful. And in the evenings, its a bit warmer, but after 110, 90 feels like a cool spring evening. The sun sets and the moon is rising at the same time, so they're both the same shade of orange, its pretty amazing. I have a picture, but I'm afraid that one is just for my partner, and she'll have to give anyone else permission to see it.

Now, one other funny thing. What the Army chooses to tell its soldiers it can and can't do really make me laugh sometimes. Consider this picture:

- this is an honest to God sign that was hanging up in the cafeteria. I can understand a few of the things on here: No Face Washing - this can get nasty, not to mention a little disgusting as it moves on to the No Spitting - which frankly you're gonna wantto do if you wash your face with the water in the chow hall and it gets anywhere near your mouth. That gets to another of my favorite signs, which I will put up here in a couple days, the one that says "Potable Water Do Not Drink" and the large number of tanks and trucks that say Non Potable Water - and its obvious that the "Non" was sprayed on later - what happened to our Potable Water?

But the No Foot Washing is the one that I really like. Who would think they could walk into the chow hall, take their shoes off and start washing their feet? Did someone try this? I wish I could have seen THAT!

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