Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Laundry Bags

So, here's the deal with laundry bags:

I arrived, and forget to bring a laundry bag. No problem, I think, I'll pick one up. So, first thing i do when I get here is go to the PX. Guess what, they don't have them. After speaking with three employees, who all give me the same blank looks ("What's a laundry bag?") I get a response from one employee: try back in fifteen days. Well, that's gonna be a problem, since I only brought 12 pairs of underwear, and I'm currently wearing pair 4. So I go to the local bazaar on base: no laundry bags. I go to the small PX, no laundry bags. Three other local stores, no laundry bags. After discussing this difficulty with my girlfriend, she agrees to send me one, but then tells me that Kmart has them online. So I go to kmart.com, and order a laundry bag. Well, turns out Kmart is sold out (I guess other people have girlfriends). So I go to Amazon, turns out that because laundry bags are listed as an "outdoor" item, they won't ship them to an APO address. Apparently, there's a conspiracy to keep people in Iraq dirty and smelly. (By the way, mine is not the only travail with the laundry bag scenario, I know of three other people personally, and I only know about eight people here - you do the math).

Oh yeah, and while I'm on the topic of the PX: last time I was here they only had Full Screen movies, no widescreen, and I figured it was because AAFES knew that soldiers would have no other option, and they could make a deal with the DVD companies, since no one else would be a stupid pan n scan DVD. Well, now, someone in their amazing intelligence, decided that the best clothing to have available at the PX in goddam Baghad, Iraq (temperature 120) are long sleeve shirts and heavyweight t-shirts. All that stuff you saw on MASH, well it still holds true, only now their making the soldiers buy the incorrect equipment.

Enough for today.

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