Friday, September 7, 2007

Do blind people sit when they pee?

so - at 3 in the morning, you wake up with an overfull bladder, because you've been drinking so much water, and you stumble out into the night to the port-a-john which is where you have to pee (hooray Iraq), and since you're not really thinking you forget your flashlight, and you get ready to pee and realize, it is absolutely, completely, pitch black inside this big plastic box. How do you aim? Frankly - I just let loose and hope for the best, I figure the heat'll dry out anything that goes astray, anyway. But what if you're actually blind? How do you aim? Do you sit down?

More later.

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Cajun Tiger said...

When faced with that situation I used my knee to feel around for the right place first and then also hoped for the best!